Snap Back

Most Delicious Artisan Cocktail

Snap Back

Snap Pea Infused H.O.B.S. Gin, Pamplemousse,Celery Bitters

You can find this signature cocktail at:
Jackson’s Bar and Oven

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Photograghs or it never happened

Dipping my toes into photgraphy is one of the most fulfilling things I have done in my spare time. I am learning on my own by reading, observing and listening to advice.

I am figuring out the preset game and the best editing tools out there. Right now I am using Light Room by Adobe Photoshop. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am using our old faithful Canon EOS 20D. It takes amazing photographs and is quite easy to use. Someday I hopefully will be able to upgrade to a more recent model.

Looking forward to documenting all the beauty around by slowing down life a bit. Photographs or it never happened!

Lifestyle Elevated with KGC

Lavender Fields Forever

Please feel free to explore my Lifestyle Marketplace to find out more about the benefits of essential oils and how you can transition to a chemical free lifestyle. 

Disclaimer: I honestly blog my thoughts and opinions. I was not compensated in any form for this post. All media in this post are my mine and own the rights to them.

Let’s Get ‘R Done

Can we just talk about “end of school year” for a minute??? I am exhausted and we are only 3 days into the month. I am preparing for Open House, Conferences and Mother’s Day gifts, meanwhile my students have come down with SPRING FEVER!!! 


Lets just give a little “Shout Out” to this gem that keeps me going!! I love that our Energy is:

  • Natural
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • boosts immune system
  • All real fruit
  • Packed with vitamin B

Believe me I do love my coffee, but nothing compares to Energy.

Now lets go tackle tomorrow!!!



Disclaimer: I honestly blog my thoughts and opinions. I personally own the featured photo. 

Keep Busy, Empty Nester

So, I am fairly new at Network Marketing (two months), been Blogging for two and half years and Teaching Montessori for fifteen years. I have been questioned on why I decided to start a business when I already teach full-time and blog part-time.

Well, here is why. Lets just go back to when our four kids were at home in school, involved in sports, after school activities, etc… I was busy 24/7. Drop off/pick up at school and practices, running to 2-3 games on game days (mind you we had three boys on three different baseball teams) and a very social teenage daughter.
img_5288As each of our children graduated high school, left for college, moved out on their own, I began feeling unneeded, bored, a bit depressed. That is when I began blogging about fashion, family, fitness, wine country living etc.. It gave me an outlet to express and share the things I love.

Then last year after my youngest graduated high school I started researching Network Marketing and really became intrigued by the idea of being a business owner. I love the products and love being able to share them. I am contributing to our retirement, vacationing and helping out the kids more when needed. Last but not least I have met some amazing people that I call friends through this business from all around the country ( I hope to visit South Dakota someday) 

So, here I am busier than ever and loving every minute of it and still having the time to spend with my family. Also, realizing having our four kids ranging from 18 – 23 now is just a new phase of our family. They have all grown into exceptional adults and our bond is stronger than ever!

Cheers to being a blessed mom, wife, teacher, blogger and business owner.

Disclaimer: I honesty blog my thoughts and opinions.