Keep Busy, Empty Nester

So, I am fairly new at Network Marketing (two months), been Blogging for two and half years and Teaching Montessori for fifteen years. I have been questioned on why I decided to start a business when I already teach full-time and blog part-time.

Well, here is why. Lets just go back to when our four kids were at home in school, involved in sports, after school activities, etc… I was busy 24/7. Drop off/pick up at school and practices, running to 2-3 games on game days (mind you we had three boys on three different baseball teams) and a very social teenage daughter.
img_5288As each of our children graduated high school, left for college, moved out on their own, I began feeling unneeded, bored, a bit depressed. That is when I began blogging about fashion, family, fitness, wine country living etc.. It gave me an outlet to express and share the things I love.

Then last year after my youngest graduated high school I started researching Network Marketing and really became intrigued by the idea of being a business owner. I love the products and love being able to share them. I am contributing to our retirement, vacationing and helping out the kids more when needed. Last but not least I have met some amazing people that I call friends through this business from all around the country ( I hope to visit South Dakota someday) 

So, here I am busier than ever and loving every minute of it and still having the time to spend with my family. Also, realizing having our four kids ranging from 18 – 23 now is just a new phase of our family. They have all grown into exceptional adults and our bond is stronger than ever!

Cheers to being a blessed mom, wife, teacher, blogger and business owner.

Disclaimer: I honesty blog my thoughts and opinions. 

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